Sharingwood was founded with the following mission statement:

We have joined on this land to work together to form a community for all ages, to create and maintain healthy relationships among ourselves and the wider community, and to wisely steward the native forests that surround us.

We strive to provide a living example to ourselves and the world of a healthy, viable community-centered neighborhood that exists in harmony with the land we live on.

  • Where each person feels accepted and valued as they are.
  • Where decisions are reached through consensus.
  • Where responsible environmental choices are encouraged.
  • Where children and adults can play, grow and learn in a nurturing atmosphere.

I will do my best to …

  • Become conversant with the declarations and other policies decided upon by the Sharingwood community.
  • Be attentive to the needs of the Sharingwood environment and community.
  • Contribute my skills and talents to the Sharingwood community.
  • Be an active participant in the committees and governance of Sharingwood.
  • Help resolve troublesome differences in the Sharingwood community.