Sharingwood has a large variety of events throughout the year. These events span the gamut from small to community-wide, and from spontaneous to planned.

Some examples of regular events are formally organized and include:

  • Common Meals The most common event, several times each month.
  • Community building retreats. An on or off-site event that includes games and hands-on challenges for all ages, food, and various community-building activities.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange. A fun adult winter holiday party.
  • New Years Eve Party. A celebration of the New Year with no need to drive afterwards, complete with music, dancing and merriment.
  • Take Care of Sharingwood Day (and other work parties). All day work parties with activities for all and awesome meals and a party at the end.
  • Fourth of July bicycle parade and playfield games.
  • Berry Festival A summer event with live outdoor music, food, dancing and, of course, berries!
  • Halloween costume party and potluck
  • Talent Show A chance for kids and adults to share their talents at music, dance, magic, comedy, etc.

Private individuals often host other activities such as:

  • Poker nights.
  • Movie nights.
  • Book club.
  • Sustainability interest group.
  • Kids birthday parties. Some parents have been known to throw fairly elaborate community-wide themed birthday parties.