Opportunities for Living at Sharingwood

Sharingwood is a community-oriented development near Woodinville, Washington.  We have no community-wide religious or political affiliation.  Sharingwood has many attractive amenities:

  • Beautiful forested setting w/ 25 acre greenbelt
  • and hiking trails.
  • 20 minutes to I-405/Hwy 520 intersection.
  • Common House for dining and gatherings.
  • Large playfield & playground.
  • Lots of children in community.



Sorry there are no rentals at this time.


Houses for sale:

Sorry there are no house currently for sale.

Contact Us:

If you'd like to buy or rent a unit that you see listed here, please contact the unit owner directly.  If you want to be kept informed of future openings, please visit us first.  If you'd like to visit Sharingwood, send e-mail to one of us (below) with a brief description of who you are, and what you're looking for.  We have no community guest rooms, but if you'd like to visit, we'll try to find you a host.

(Please type e-mail addresses without including spaces)

E-mail Bob or Stephana at ditzlers @ gmail.com or call 360 668 - 1074.