Q. Where is Sharingwood? How long does it take to get there?

A. From downtown Seattle with flowing traffic it is a 40 minute drive. From the I-90/I-405 intersection it is a 30 minute drive. From 520/I-405 intersection it is a 25 minute drive. When there is traffic congestion, it may take up to an hour to get to downtown Seattle. From Snohomish County locations, Sharingwood is 12 minutes from Monroe, and about 25 minutes from Everett. Despite its Snohomish, WA address, Sharingwood is about 20 minutes from the city of Snohomish.

Q. How is Sharingwood different than any other neighborhood?

A. Each person would probably answer this question differently. In general, Sharingwood is a close community where you quickly start to know everyone. Participation in the community is expected, though the nature of such participation varies greatly between individuals. Sharingwood has general meetings once a month where decisions are made and issues are brought up for resolution. Sharingwood also has a variety of teams that take care of managing various aspects of the community (i.e. landscape, gardening, common-house, maintenance, green-belt, social activities, kids activities, facilitation).

Q. What schools are available for kids who live in Sharingwood?

A. The public schools that serve Sharingwood are Maltby Elementary, Hidden River Middle School, Sky Valley Education Center, and Monroe High School. There are private preschools and elementary schools in both Woodinville and Monroe. Several parents also home school their children and there is a supportive home-schooling culture within Sharingwood.

Q. How much does it cost to live in Sharingwood?

A. Most of the houses sell for between $475k and $575k. Rentals go for between $900/mo for the smallest apartments, and up to $1700 for entire houses.

Q. What cities are near Sharingwood?

A. Sharingwood is located in the “rural fringe” of the Seattle area outside of any town limits. The closest towns are Woodinville (about 20 minutes to the SW), Monroe (about 15 minutes to the NE), and Snohomish (about 20 minutes to the NW). Woodinville is home to a variety of stores and several wineries (incl. Chateau Ste. Michelle), and generally has higher real estate prices than the other towns. Monroe also has a variety of stores and rural, mountainous surroundings. It is home to the Evergreen State Fair each year and there is a thriving small farms movement in the area. Snohomish is a historic town, with Victorian mansions and quaint shops. It bills itself as “The Antique Capital”, with many antique shops. The town is surrounded by farmland, and the drive there is relaxing. Seattle and its suburbs – Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland are 25-35 minutes away. Everett is also within 30 minutes drive.

Q. What medical facilities are nearby?

A. The nearest hospital is in Monroe (EvergreenHealth). The next closest hospital is in Kirkland, the town just south of Woodinville (Evergreen Hospital). Overlake Hospital in Bellevue also has a large medical complex. Other healthcare providers such as pediatricians, general practitioners, and dentists can be found in Woodinville, Monroe, and Snohomish.

Q. What recreational amenities are nearby Sharingwood?

A. Sharingwood is very close to the Skykomish River watershed area, which offers awesome outdoor potential. It is about 75 minutes to Steven’s Pass for skiing in the winter and about 80 minutes to Snoqualmie Pass for skiing and hiking. There are several local regional parks with hiking and mountain biking within 15 minutes drive. Many members are active fitness walkers on our local roads and trails. For indoor activities, there is a YMCA about 15 minutes away in Monroe and Bothell and several other fitness clubs in the area.

Q. Is there any political or religious affiliation across the Sharingwood community?

A. No. There is no community wide affiliation, nor is Sharingwood organized around political or religious activities.